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A Black Person Can Be (a bad) President Too!

President Barack Obama

I would say most of my friends are liberals or democrats and that mostly all of them voted for Obama last November.  I supported Obama during the early parts of his campaign as well but I began to become very skeptical when candidate Obama begun to chirp the same tune as then-still President Bush concerning the financial bailout of major wall Street banks using American taxpayer money in the summer of ’08.  I started to educate myself on economics and fractional reserve banking systems last Fall and was dismayed when it became more and more apparent there was only a superficial veil which separated the politics of Bush and Obama, Republican and Democrat, conservative and liberal.  The big monied interests hedge their bets and throw immense campaign contributions to all of them; Hillary, the “Maverick,” Bush, Kerry, Gore, “Slick Willie,” Barack and “Face” Edwards.  The conglomerated powers of media of Ruppert Murdock’s Fox, General Electric’s “Fox Blue” eg. MSNBC, Turner’s “centrist” CNN, Clear Channel’s monkey-boy Rush Limbaugh all portrayed the corporate candidates of Clinton, Obama and McCain as staunch adversaries with vast political and philosophical differences and painted populist candidates such as Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich as screwball, conspiracy-theorizing lunatics.  So main stream media continues it’s parade of propaganda and bread and circus singing the praises of our new caesar and his “new” course set for our republic, but with even the littlest amount of scrutiny, one can witness the policies of Obama as a linear continuance of the Bush policies which were not so different from the policies of William Jefferson Clinton or the policies of George Herbert Bush or his boss before him, Ronald Reagan.

A Black Person Can Be A Bad President Too
yes he can!

It simply is a beautiful thing a person with African heritage is finally president of our country.  After four centuries of slavery in our homeland, our republic, which stands as the shining beacon of hope and liberty in this world but had been shackled with the great sin of slavery, can proudly state that dusk has descended on a more shameful day in our history.  That truly is a beautiful idea but we cannot simply wear rose-colored glasses providing President Barack Obama with a political free pass for four years simply because he is black and not George W. Bush.  We cannot slip peacefully back into a great political slumber trusting our best interests will be defended in Washington.

Another beautiful event occurred during the presidential campaign of 2008 as well.  The masses of America woke, got involved and made their voices heard.  The sleeping giant which is “We the People” was once again moving across the United States landscape.  We cannot let this moment pass.  Barack Obama may not be the president he he promised he would be when he was still wooing us as Candidate Obama, but he did teach, or at least reminded us of, a couple important lessons.  The power of people is still strong in this land of Washington and Jefferson.  The people are good too, honest and hardworking with the best intentions for our country.  If we become active civically on every level government, local, state and federal, if we organize from the bottom-up in a grass roots fashion as demonstrated during the successful Obama presidential campaign, we the people CAN redirect the course of our great constitutional republic.  We CAN keep our elected officials, our representatives not the representatives of special interests, accountable but this all requires continued vigilance.  We cannot hope or trust our elected government officials have our liberties and best interest closest to their sympathetic hearts.  We are not the descendents of sheep, we are Americans, the children of the U.S. Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the American Revolution.  The children of true patriots and freedom fighters, not nationalistic thugs or socialist slavers.  Our backyards are Lexington and Concord.  Tyranny and corruption has been our enemy since our birth as a nation.  We have never been a people who blindly trusts authority.  

Now is not the time to turn a blind eye simply because a black man is president and it feels good.  We did not need a black president in 2008 during a financial collapse, two wars mired in endless occupation and a constant attack on our liberties as defined by our constitution, we needed a GREAT president.  Unfortunately Barack Obama is only a black president and not truly great.  That’s disappointing.  I would have loved a great, black president but we cannot judge Barack Obama’s decisions as executive in chief emotionally but rather intellectually.  When held to the same standards used to judge G.W. Bush’s presidency, President Barack Obama does not deviate too far from the policies of his defamed predecessor no matter how much the incorporated and conglomerated media tells us the two represent political binary opposites.  When one simply reads the news, even the mass media news, fairly without emotion or political bias, the evidence is in black and white print: a black person can be a bad president too.  Yes he can.


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how can you make these blanket judgements after a whole 6 months in office, during the WORST combination of negative situational disasters in US history? this sounds like talking to hear yourself talk. but that’s just my opinion. you’re entitled to yours as well. i just think it’s a bit premature to call the whole thing a sham.

Comment by jpines

Has President Obama inherited the worst combination of negative situational disasters in US history, maybe, but I am not judging President Obama based on what he’s inherited but rather how he is responding to these situations. Unfortunately you might be right; this post DOES sound like I am talking to myself. This blog is new and the “Even A Black Person Can Be (a bad) President Too” essay introduces a series where I write about the campaign promises the president backtracks on. I plan on being fair with my assessments as I amended my last essay dealing with the situation at Guantanamo. As a former Barack Obama supporter, I would love for President Obama to be the president I think most of us hoped for during the emotional campaign of ’08 but we cannot give him a free pass simply because it feels good or because he inherited many difficult issues when he moved into the Oval Office. Being president is not an easy job. Keeping our elected officials responsive to their constituents might be more difficult.

Thanks for adding to the discourse and please check back in the future, giving me more time to support statements that I have made in this introductory essay.

Comment by 4thofjuly1976

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