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Bloody Noses Are To Increase By 8.6% In The Coming Year
May 21, 2009, 2:34 pm
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Fat Lips Also To Increase 9.7%

Fat Lips Also To Increase 9.7%

Is it kind of frustrating when a small group of private central bankers whom have both the unconstitutional privileges of artificially setting the banking interest rates and the ability to expand or contract the money supply in the U.S., when this cabal of elite bankers make statements like?


Fed’s Economic Forecast Worsens


The ability to control the amount of money in circulation and the ability to set interest rates for all the banks in our “free market” (parentheses used to imply sarcasm) is the ability to create boom-bust cycles. Expand the money supply and lower interest rates, American individuals and corporations seemingly have more money and credit so they thusly invest, spend and take bank loans. The economy expands. Contract the money supply while raising the interest rates and the economy will contract. The bubble of easy money will bust creating a recessed economy. There will be less money in circulation for individuals and corporations to spend and invest and credit will be harder to obtain for bank loans. So if a cabal of private individuals has the ability to contract the money supply and raise interest rates, it’s a little frustrating when the central monetary alchemists make economic predictions like they are some sort of money prophets. It’s like the bully on the playground announcing that bloody noses are going to increase by 8.6% in the coming year.


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