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Democracy is oppressive…

We do not live in a “democracy,” we live in a “constitutional republic.”

Thomas J. Jefferson, third president of the United States and author of the Declaration of Independence, referred to democracy as “oppressive” where the “great, unwashed masses” become the dumb and groping tyrant of the land. Benjamin Franklin, a staunch advocate of republicanism whom emphasized that the new republic could survive only if the people were virtuous in the sense of attention to civic duty and rejected corruption, was not a fan of democracy either. He famously joked that:

Democracy is but two wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for dinner.

In a democracy, forty-nine percent of the population is libel to be an oppressed minority whereas the other fifty-one percent of the population is the oppressive majority. In a democracy, the two wolves eat mutton as the minority sheep makes a tasty dinner. But in a republic, ninety-nine percent of the population does not have the power or ability to infringe on the liberties of the individual no matter how many ballots are cast. Luckily for us as Americans, we live in a constitutional republic. So the next time you hear a politician or some cable news bubble-head excitedly reporting that the U.S. is “spreading democracy” to oppressed peoples across the globe, question why we are not instead promoting constitutional republicanism which would truly liberate oppressed peoples.